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About Us


    Our group is dedicated to the further development of the human resource profession in the communities we serve.

    National Affiliation

    We are registered with and a recognized affiliate of both the national and state SHRM organizations.

    National Membership

    Our local chapter does not require that you belong to the national SHRM but we strongly recommend it! In fact for Merit Chapter Status we are required to have 60% of our membership as National Members. When you join the national organization please be sure to designate HRA-ECI Chapter #0448 as your affiliate chapter!

    Merit Chapter Status

    Each year our officers strive to achieve the Merit Chapter distinction. This distinction must be earned annually and SHRM national sets the standards that each chapter must meet to earn this designation. So if an officer approaches you and asks you to serve on a committee or to volunteer your services, it is usually a request that directly ties into a merit chapter directive. Our chapter has received merit chapter status numerous times since our chartering.

    Organizational Structure

    National SHRM breaks the nation into five regions. Illinois is one of ten states in the North Central Region. Additionally, Illinois has twenty active, registered chapters and an active State Council. Our chapter has one of the largest geographic regions and serves Christian, Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Fayette, and Moultrie counties. Our chapter is currently the southern-most chapter in Illinois and we have membership as far south as Marion, Illinois in Williamson County.

    Chapter Bylaws